Monday, June 09, 2008

Dr Who: The Forest of the Dead

This is a quickie as much else to do...

But I thought this was great. I was genuinely spooked by Donna getting stuck in the virtual world, and spent half the episode not knowing whether Dr Moon was a benevolent presence or not. Even by the end when I know he was an antivirus programme, I thought not, really. There was something a bit too creepy about him... I loved Donna getting suspicious and then being sucked back into it too. AND, the fact that she met and lost the love her life in the blink of her eye. And the business with the kids was heartbreaking.

As for Alex Kingston. Oooh she was awesome. She punched the Doctor! She tied him up! She sacrificed herself for him... Am rather hoping he will come up with a better solution to saving her then bunging her in a virtual reality world though. I don't think that's my idea of heaven.

I did think they woefully underused Steve Pemberton though. He could/should have been creepy. But I loved Miss Evangelista's mixed up face, and I liked Cal having a tantrum and nearly destroying everything, and I particularly loved the Doctor/Donna exchange How are you? Alright. What, is alright Time Lord Speak for not being alright? How are you? Alright.

Kids were all on the edge of their seats, no 3 was thoroughly confused by the end, and no 1 admitted for the first time ever she'd gone to sleep with the lights on after an episode of Dr Who.

I thought it was fantastic.

Roll on Stephen Moffat's tenure at the helm of the franchise. I think we might all be doing quite a lot more hiding behind the sofa....


Nic said...

Hubby was v. confused, he struggles to understand any story that has a non-linear chronology, so couldn't understand how River knew the Doctor but the Doctor didn't know her. I tried to draw a parallel with The Time Traveller's Wife, but he glazed over pretty quickly.

He wasn't impressed with this week's episode. He said, and I quote, "That's the pantsest one I've seen. I bet Catherine Tate took one look at the script and said 'It's alright, I'll just stay at the Spa.' "

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