Friday, February 17, 2006

Horrid Half Term Torture

A propos of my last posting about Half Term Hell, I thought I had to pass on this poem which my nine year old presented me with the other day. Such insight in one so young...

Needless to say, my half term has been somewhat better then this...

Day 1 they lost the hamster.
We looked everywhere.
But I know it didn't vanish
Into thin air.

Day 2 they broke the telly
And lost the baby's shoes.
Then they ripped Dad's ticket
For an ocean cruise.

Day 3 we went to the cinema.
I got absolutely soaked.
'Cos my nine year old son
Splattered me with coke.

Day 4 it was my birthday.
It was a rubbish day.
They gave me a present -
Of horse manure! Hooray!

Day 5 they smashed the laptop
And ripped my favourite book.
They ransacked my bedroom,
My jewels is what they took.

Day 6 we fixed the TV,
But Suzie smashed it up again.
Then Jimmy broke Granny's vase
While playing in his den.

Day 7, grande finale,
They broke the window pane.
I'd just got a new laptop,
But they smashed it up again.

Now the holidays are over.
I thought it would never end.
Those pesky little children,
Drive me round the bend!

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