Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A November to Remember

Generally the tone of this blog is lighthearted and not meant to be taken seriously. But in my day job as well as fending for my offspring I also edit books.

I have recently edited a book which is probably the most important book I have ever worked on.

It is called A November to Remember by my friend Taryn Mckeiver and is about her battle with the most taboo of all cancers - bowel cancer. We are self publishing it and hope to have copies by the end of this month. The book has a foreword by Lynn Faulds Wood who says this book will change the way people think about bowel cancer. And Taryn is donating part of the profits to Lynns Bowel Cancer Campaign.

In the meantime Taryn has just published a website at: www.anovembertoremember.co.uk">you can visit which is an incredibly honest assessment of how she has dealt with the horrific hand Fate dealt her.

It is by no means all gloom and doom either, as Taryn has me crying one minute and laughing another.

She is an amazing person, and this is an amazing book. It is both her and my wish that the book can raise awareness of this dreadful disease, and hopefully save lives.

If you have visited my blog, please take time out to visit Taryn's website too, whether or not you know anyone who has bowel cancer/have suffered from it yourself. It is not an exaggeration to say the information you will find there may one day save your life.


Rawad said...

Very good work you are doing, I've visited the Tary's site, nice one.
Keep writing books as good as November to Remember :)

Jane Henry said...

Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to post about this (and for visiting my blog in the first place!)Please tell everyone you know about NtoR as we really want it to raise a lot of money.