Monday, December 25, 2006

A Happy Christmas One and All

I know I've been a bad tempered old bat about the festive season, while the offspring were doing their many and varied nativity things. But now it's upon us, I do find it hard to be bah, humbuggy, much as I would like to. I took the kids to the nativity service at our local church this evening, and it was really lovely. So I'm not the Scrooge I like to pretend to be.

So to all the readers of maniac mum, I extend my grateful thanks that you've bothered to read my blog this year, and my merry felicitations for the festive season.

To end on a frivolous note. It's past 3am, and I have just spilt wine over a load of christmas pressies. One of them was to my mil from her eighteen year old great nephew. The package was so wet, I stupidly ripped open the paper so I could repackage the present. To discover that he had given her a bra. My mil is 83. He is 18. Minds and boggling don't come into it. Needless to say I've rewrapped it and forged his signature. I just hope she doesn't notice a thing....

A very merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Maniac Mum might be a bit quiet over the next few days, but hopes to resume normal service in the New Year.


Nic said...

Agent Provocateur or Ethel Austin?

Merry Christmas, Jane, hope you are having a good one!

h&b said...

That is a classic present !!

Tell me, was the bra black, lacy and racy ?

Odd .. but funny :)

Jane Henry said...

Sadly bra was M&S's finest - white and boring... So no provoking involved whatsoever!!!

Still, it was funny.

Funnier still was the reaction from Spouse and bil, neither of whom seemed to understand why this was a seriously wierd present!!!