Friday, February 02, 2007

The First Step Along the Road

.... Well, I've finally done it. I've broken my duck and written 1122 words today. 1122 words that are crap no doubt. But it's a start.

The trouble with this writing malarkey now that I am committed as it were, is that all seems incredibly daunting this time round. And I am terribly conscious that I am very lazy and where in the past I have got away with fudging issues and not describing things in detail, I can't anymore.

So now I am angsting about my heroine, who I have just sent to a London night club, and thinking, should I go and visit a dive like I've described - being so old now I don't tend to hang out in these places. Her career choice as a lawyer I know is going to give me a headache, unless I do give her an office life that bears more resemblance to lawyers you see on TV. Best start watching that new programme with all those twenty somethings in then.

I should also go out and buy copies of Heat and OK so I can get the lowdown on how zedlebrities really operate (with thanks to Danuta Kean for that fabulous word) - as the bete noire of my hero is one.

Why oh why do we do it? I thought this book was going to be easier then the last one.

I fear it is going to be more difficult...

Still it was satisfying to meet my characters at last. And I did enjoy giving my zedlebrity a rather dubious claim to fame...

Maybe by next week I might have got up to a couple of thousand words....


liz fenwick said...

WTG. You have started. You can edit crap you can't edit air as much as we may want to try.

BTW if you need to speak with a live twenty something lawyer email me through romna. My neice fits the bill.


Jane Henry said...

Oh Liz, you are a star, and I may well take you up on that. I have a few lawyers to call on, but they're all probably too old. Some young blood would be great!!!

love jx

ps what a great concept - you can edit crap but not air....

Lesley Cookman said...

I thought my first book was crap, then when I was writing the second, I thought that was worse. On the third, now and it's TERRIBLE!
As far as the novel race goes - only 12505. It's sticking and I'm rewriting. See how far I get today.