Wednesday, March 28, 2007

An ambition for an eight year old

When I'm seventy five said no 2 to us recently, I shall miss you.

Oh that's nice, I said. You do realise we will be dead by then.

Of course, you'll be dead. No 2 looked at me witheringly, which is why I am going to dig you and Daddy up and have your bodies stuffed.

Oh. I said. That's not quite so nice...

Well, she said. I wouldn't have anyone to hug. So when I'm feeling lonely I'll sit on your lap and cuddle you.

Hmm, I might be a bit boney, but I suppose it's a nice thought.

And, I'll hook up a special device that I can sit on Daddy's shoulders and he can give me carries.

Right, I said. What happens if we're cremated?

Oh, in that case, said no 2, when I feel lonely I shall go and sit on your grave and do handstands on Daddy's.

So there you have it.

One transexual.

One necrophiliac.

Oh dear...

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Lucy Diamond said...

That is really funny. It's great to look forward to the future, isn't it?!