Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dr Who Wed Em Bed Em or Shed Em...

As my Wed Em, Bed Em or Shed Em game proved so popular at my party, I've been talking about sex and Dr Who and several people seem to want a Dr Who version, I thought oh what the hell!

(Btw to find out who won my competition and for news of my next running exploit you can go over to the Other Blog).


Your starters for ten are...

Evil Davros... where those
pesky daleks began (and frankly
a lot less risible then the human
variety we saw the other week)

It's the tin dog...possibly the
most irritating dog in tv history

Ahh, now. How could I leave him

Lovely, lovely, lovely David Tennant

(Did I mention he was lovely?)

And boys... for you we have...

Rose Tyler. The woman who
made being Dr Who's assistant

Leela. Well she had to be there really
didn't she?
We all know why they employed her
in the non pc 80s!

And finally... oh look what the future can bring.
Be careful what you wish for, Cassandra...



Mad Twin said...

Alright I am playing properly now.

Wed and Bed no contest, it's the gorgeous Dr W. (can't distinguish between bedding and wedding I'm afraid. Once bedded who could let him go or let anyone else get a look in?)

Shed well Davros obviously, and Cassandra isn't much cop as a bit of stretched skin, and K9 is exceedingly annoying.

If I was a man I'd wed & bed Rose, and shed Leela but I expect most red blooded males would bed them both.

Is that better?

Mad Twin

Anonymous said...

What about Nicola Bryant then she's nice....

Kate said...

You see, this is so important that I've had to give it lots of thought...

Trouble is, the blokes have two proper humanoids to choose from - even Cassandra has a certain repartee. Us girls have a timelord (vg), a tin dog (vb) and a dalek (vvb).I suppose I could ignore my natural sexual preferences though.

Obviously Tennant would be bed and wed, though that feels like cheating. Since he is the only one I remotely FANCY, I will bed him and hope he stays.

I might wed K9 as I do like dogs and lets face it - men or dogs? Well, you still have to feed 'em, take care of their mess etc and at least K9 won't want to watch different TV programmes all the time.

Though if I married Leela she might be good around the house which is the purpose of a wife, eh? I can't see Rose being tremendous with a duster so we'd both be desperate housewives.

Shame we didn't get Patrick Troughton and Peter Davidson. I don't really fancy either now but when I was younger...mega-crush!

Jane Henry said...

Oh ok, Kate. I'll do a proper one next time... Sorry it was Marie who asked for Davros, and K9 was too much to resist....

MT... you're getting the hang. But you do have to junk morality in this game...


Well OBVIOUSLY I would have to bed the lovely DT. But he's a wandering time lord, he's not the stay at home time at all. So marriage is simply out of the question.

So I'd have to do what Sarah Jane did and take the tin dog option. Except K9 is so bleedin' irritating I'd really have to shed him and marry Davros in a vain attempt to humanise the daleks and thereby change the course of history, time travel and Dr Who.

Rose looks the marrying type to me.

Leela was far too two dimensional so I'd have to shed her.

And Cassandra was a game girl once, before she became stretched out skin. So I'd have to go along with her evil plan to jump into someone else's body and bed her...

Dr Who could provide source material for a long time to come....