Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh God

I was going to blog about lots of stuff today as I have oodles to catch up on, as kids have just gone back to school. But I've just seen on aol that Jane Tomlinson has died, and it's taken the wind out of my sales a bit. I will be back, but probably tomorrow now.

If you have never heard of her, she was a wonderful, amazing, courageous woman who on being told that she had terminal cancer seven years ago took herself off the gym and started training, first for marathons, then for triathlons, Iron Man and the like, raising millions of pounds for charity along the way.

As a rather crap runner and putative triathloner, I have always found her story immensely inspiring.

My heart goes out to her family, particularly her husband who has been an amazingly stalwart support. He must be feeling so bereft.

Bugger. Isn't life crap sometimes?


Roads said...

Yes, it's very sad about Jane Tomlinson. She was such an inspiration.

And I feel for her husband and family, too. However expected this was, life will be very different now that Jane is not around.

I saw that Jane set up a race in Leeds earlier this year - I hope they keep that going. It would be great to run that event one day.

Dumdad said...

Very sad but she was an amazingly inspirational woman to so many.

Jane Henry said...

I think she was just amazing. I watched a programme about her doing an Iron Man, and the guy that ran with her said it was the most brilliant one he'd ever done. What I admired about her most was the fact that she didn't give up with a terminal illness. That is so courageous.