Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pastures New Update

I realise I have been appallingly quiet, but am still frantically trying to finish my next book.

However, I have an important update. Namely my website is finally up and running at:


I nearly had a nervous breakdown doing it, but thanks to a very nice man in India last week I got it sorted.

I have also - tada!! - given full rein to my directorial fantasies and posted a video ad on You Tube for your delectation and delight.


I hope to be running an online launch party and am trying to arrange a signing session at my local Waterstones about which more anon....


Leigh said...

I really like the look of your book! I liked the opening line. I recognised the words of Sally Traffic even before you mentioned her.

(This might just me - I'm on Mac - but the text on your website was jammed right up against the left hand side. I could read it fine, but for some reason it was a little hard on the eyes.)

Loved the video too!

Dumdad said...

Good luck with the novel. I shall buy it next time I'm in good ole Blighty.

P.S. Donning my sub-editor's cap, under Books on your web site you have written harrassed; you were probably harassed at the time and it slipped by you in the rush!

Jane Henry said...

Thanks both of you.

Leigh, if you recognise Sally Traffic, you may spot a few other Radio 2 references too. Sadly Mark Radcliffe's Crucial Three is no more, which is a bugger as it features at the end!
Don't know why the text is on the lefthand side, maybe it is because you have a mac.

Dumdad - woops you're so right. I've been doing this concurrently with finishing the second book, so head a bit all over the shop!