Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I really must stop this...

... but strolling through the airwaves last night I found ANOTHER hero. A new one. Oh dear. I think I am turning into a mad premenopausal witch.

However, he also pitched up in a fabulous new programme on BBC3 called Being Human. It won't be to everyone's taste, seeing as it features flatmates who are a vampire, a werewolf and an agoraphobic ghost, but it certainly was to mine (and Spouse's).

I believe when Torchwood was first mooted, there was a suggestion that it was going to be a UK Buffytype venture. It isn't. This, however is.

Guy Flanagan as the vampire with a conscience was just fabulously sexy and enigmatic, Russell Tovey's lonesome werewolf was cute, moving and funny by turns, and Andrea Riseborough's ghost who can't leave the house was frankly inspired. I loved the bit where they'd managed to persuade her to go to the pub, and she requested to sit by the wall nearest the house as it made her feel better(and stopped her from fading).

Adrian Lester as the head of the vampires intent of renewing a reign of glory and blood last seen since the days of Vlad the Impaler (presumably) was wonderfully menacing, and the whole thing had a slick and sexy feel that Torchwood lacks (though I will admit series 2 has been much more fun then series 1).

I think this is a new series, I hope it is anyway, because it was sooooo much fun, and methinks there is much rich material to reap here.

Plus I have a new hero to ogle at, which can't be bad.

Although for all those readers (PU I am thinking of you) who are desperately hoping that I will return at some point to more serious matters. I promise, I promise. I will try to make this blog slightly less frippery based shortly.

But in the meantime ladies, I'm leaving you Guy Flanagan to ogle at...

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