Friday, April 04, 2008

London Marathon

And they're off. Well nearly... On Sunday 13 April thousands of the terminally insane, otherwise known as marathon runners will be pounding the streets again for FLM 2008. I so wish I was one of them. (Don't tell Spouse but I am hoping to be again next year, as the charity I ran for, Tadworth Court Children's Trust is the official FLM charity next year. Any brave souls out there reading this might like to know that they are hoping to field a thousand runners to celebrate. Go on, you know it makes sense...

Anyway, it being a while since I've mentioned this:

coupled with the fact that someone picked up one of my You Tube videos and asked me to post it on the ITV grassroots website, I took the opportunity to do a little tinkering, and have come up with this:

You can see it on the site at:

And I've just posted the Pastures New one (unaltered though) here:

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