Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have noticed in the last few days there has been alot of heated debate on the blogosphere about the merits and demerits of Journey's End. Alot of it seems to be of the : It was the best episode ever! You cannot be a true fan if you hate it. It was the worst episode ever! You cannot be a true fan if you love it variety. Hmm. Room for compromise anywhere, peeps?

So I thought given that this is a programme for kids which some grown ups seem to be taking far too seriously, I'd share with you this Doctor Who story inscribed with great care over the last few nights by number 4 aged six. Her nickname in our house is Sniffy - so she is currently going under the name of the Sniffeen. As far as I'm concerned, ANYTHING that can fire up the imagination of a child like this has to be a Good Thing. Russell T Davies, I salute you.

It's all a bit stream of consciousness, it would appear that Year One only ecompasses Capital Letters and full stops in punctuation terms and her spelling leaves a lot to be desired, but I did rather like her description of regeneration....
(Sadly I am having a problem with my scanner otherwise this would include pics)

Doctor Who!!!!!

by the Sniffeen aged 6

Chapter One

Once upon a Sunday there was a girl called Rose and she went out. On the way she met a man called the Doctor.

(Rose with speech bubble, wat's your name!! The Doctor speech bubble Hi!!!!!!)

The Doctor said come with me ok and by the way my names the Doctor. The Doctor showed rose his Tardis.

Rose said its bigger on the inside. Is it said the Doctor I hadnt noticed!

The Doctor said come out theres a surprise for you. Then Rose opened the door and sore some daliks.

Chapter 2

The black dalik said my name is dalik seck is it said the Doctor hang on Ive met you before yes you have. I folode you all the way here!!!

The Doctor said Im going to kill you with this gun but Dalik Seck killed the Doctor instead. Rose said how deri you kill my boyfriend.

(Rose speech bubble How dere you as she looks at dead Doctor)

Chapter 3

Rose asked dalik Seck. Why did you kill the Doctor. He is an enermy of the Daliks.

Is he. Yes he is. Then Dalik Seck showed rose captin Jack hi said Rose hi said Captin Jack. The Doctors died said Rose. He has died are you shore said Captin Jack. Yes said Rose I am very shore said Rose. I saw it all dalik seck killed the Doctor because the Doctor pointed a gun at Dalik Seck said Rose.

Dalik Cannn (Where did he spring from? - Continuity? - ed) said you are called Rose. Rose said yes I am. How do they know said Rose. Captin Jack said they no everyones name. I hate the (I THINK IT SAYS) pain said Captin Jack.

(Speech bubble from Dalik Cannn saying You are called Rose!!!!!)

Then Rose and Captin Jack carryed the Doctor into the tardis and then he reagenoratid fire was coming out from his eyes and hands. He had changed his hole body.

THE END!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Tell Sniffy to submit it to the programme - they're bound to take her on staff.


Nic said...

Oh that's great - well done No 4!

PS Punctuation is about right, the only other mark I might expect is a question mark, maybe (not a piece of Level 2 punctuation, so often only introduced in Year 2). Can you tell I've just been doing the latest batch of writing assessments?

Jane Henry said...

MT I've actually been told this opus isn't finished. So there maybe more to come... She can always write to Steven Moffat and say she nearly shares his surname and can she have a job when she grows up.

Nic when you start talking like that I am even more in awe of the way you guys cope with the bureacratisation of teaching punctuation! Think maybe her teacher hasn't progressed beyond exclamation marks...

Lucy Diamond said...

That is so sweet and brilliant. I love "I am very shore" and the "hang on I've met you before" - fantastic. Ooh, she's her mother's daughter...

Jane Henry said...

Thanks Lucy. I should have also said when she read it aloud to me I got a l of emphasis on the repeated Is IT??? - A picture book author in the making perhaps!

Marie said...

Love it! She's definitely a chip off the not-very-old block.

Jane Henry said...

Thanks Marie - sadly the notveryold block is about to get a bit notveryolder, but never mind. There may be more to come as she's scrubbed out The End and written To Be Continued...

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

You mean there is more to punctuation than exclamation marks?!

Oooh, look, there's a question mark! And there was an apostrophe.

Sorry, getting carried away now. Great story BTW. Like you say, fire up a child's imagination and I think you have done a good thing.

Jane Henry said...

Thanks Lisa, That's one of the reasons I like Dr Who so much, for not just getting my imagination going but really enthusing the children.

And with me editor's hat on I'm forever taking exclamation marks out of things, but in some instances, less is more...