Monday, October 27, 2008


I do believe if you look in the centre of this particular paper today, you might find me masquerading as a dancer. I'd like to find the online version, but sadly I can't so am off to buy up our local newsagents' supplies so I can send them to all the aged rellies I possess...


Persephone said...

Ahem, yourself. I live in Canada, and the last I checked, this newspaper doesn't feature at my local newsstand. Any chance of scanning some snaps?

Jane Henry said...

I'm hoping they are going to send me some and let me use them on the blog. Also hoping they put it on their online paper - apparently stories do sometimes go on there afterwards.
It will be in this section of the paper:

if it appears at all and the article is entitled We danced our way to happiness.

Am away for a couple of days but will check later in the week and if it pops up will post the link!