Friday, March 13, 2009

RND 2009

I'm not ACTUALLY doing anything funny for money, but I have supported RND, and the kids have all gone to school sporting funny hairstyles. Unfortunately, as they bought the red hair dye weeks ago, there was only enough to dye no 1's hair. Useful being the oldest, sometimes. As they'd all got up ridiculously early, for once we were ready at a sensible time, so I did drive to Sainsbury's to see if I could get some more hair dye, only to realise I'd doltishly left my purse behind. Doh. However it then turned out no 3's hair was a bit pinkish because some of the hair dye had transferred from the hairbrush no 1 had been using and no 2 didn't care. So all was well. Have just been informed I have to turn up in the playground early to hear the school singing some RND song, which I don't really have time to do, but given it's the first time in living memory the school have even supported RND, I feel dutybound to go along.

In the meantime, I know it's credit crunch time, and we all have lots of pressures on our purse, and it's easy to be cynical about what RND achieves etc etc, but I do think it's an amazing thing and Richard Curtis is a genius, and I think it's worth supporting even in some small way.

Plus am also really looking forward to seeing Ness and Bryn singing Islands in the Stream with Tom Jones (OK, have already seen it on Medium Rob's blog, but I can stand another look...)

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