Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome, baby Buzz!

Three years ago, I became a great auntie for the first time. As I had only just got my head round being 40, using the ephitet great aunt was a bit of shock. Luckily the great niece is so beautiful I have forgiven my equally beautiful niece for making me feel so old.

Last night BN gave birth to BGN's new brother. Baby Buzz, as he has been in utero (and which is such a cool name, I think I shall call him that for perpetuity, ESPECIALLY when he hits 21) has given his mother no end of grief prior to arrival in this world, so we are all hoping he will behave himself now he is here. Unfortunately his sister has chosen this moment to contract chicken pox, so I hope she's not too spotty to go near him...

I still don't feel like a great auntie, but having a new nephew is a wonderful thing, particularly as he shares the name we would have given no 1 had she been a boy (the which I was so convinced of I didn't believe she was a girl at first. In my defence, I had had a lot of pethadine...)

So welcome, Baby Buzz, into the world, and congrats to your very longsuffering and tired mummy. She deserves a rest now, I think...

For R, J, I and D with love...


Anonymous said...

Hi! Congratulations on the new baby in the family.

I've emailed you asking if you would like to do an author interview for http://chicklitreviews.wordpress.com- the website I run along with Chloe. I hope you can!

Leah x

Anonymous said...

Thankyou! :) Lovely to read.
Don't worry, both I and D are a bit sparse on the old aunt/uncle front I think we can probably drop the "great" bit!!
Sleep? What's that?
R xx