Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last Christmas cover

I can show you this though. Woohoo!!

As usual a fabulous effort from the fantastic Avon team, and their very long suffering but brilliant designers.

Thanks guys!


liz fenwick said...

love it!!!!

Political Umpire said...

Well done J, never know how you find the time.

Am at home ill feeling sorry for myself, and nostalgic at the same time so surfing around the blogosphere. Working on a blog for work occasionally, so I might be able to return at some point, and even get paid for it ... not getting hopes up though.

Marie said...

High five!

Jane Henry said...

I love it too, Liz! They are clever the Avon designers.

PU, lovely to hear from you. Please please come back to blogging, we miss you. Or if you haven't time, try tweeting. It really is satisfying trying to blog in 140 characters! Am sure you'd be both pithy and witty.

Marie, High Five back! Is that the correct response? Or should I just say, YAY! like my children do??