Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Bridesmaid Pact

As I am rapidly losing the will to live as noone still appears to be in charge (I was rather beginning to favour a Labservative deal, myself (-:), I thought I would share this joyous event with you instead. Today copies of The Bridesmaid Pact have arrived, and it is indeed a thing of beauty to behold. I can't believe all the hard work has finally paid off, but it has. I keep looking at it, it's so lovely. And now you can too.

It looks like I will be signing copies of The Bridesmaid Pact sometime in June in Epsom Waterstones, and I am also returning to Burway Books on 17 June to help sell books in their lovely shop. Will keep you posted about both events.


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Woo! well done! though it is PROFOUNDLY depressing what has happened re the election... *sigh*. We need your books more than ever!

Jane Henry said...

Am not as profoundly depressed as you, but am not a Labour voter. Also think it was a govt which had run out of steam. We may get some consenus government, which would be a great thing in my view. You never know, we may all be back at the polling stations in 6 months time - and the painful cuts which are going to be inflicted will probably be blamed on the Cleggeron machine, so Labour should walk it(-:

Joy Fox said...

I know this comment may be a little to late but i have read this book and i think its great i've only just found you out as an author and am surprised that i havent heard of you before and i cant wait to read the rest of your books :)