Sunday, March 13, 2011

Being Human...

...Finale tonight. Just sayin'

Am beyond excited of course. Last week's episode was so awesomely jumpy, unnerving and dark, I cannot possibly work out now how it's all going to end, except...

I think Mitchell is going to meet his wolf shaped bullet,

I don't think Nina and George will be hearing the soft padding of tiny feet, after all. Indeed, will Nina even survive...

And I'm not sure that

a) Annie's and Mitchell's

b) George and Mitchell's

c) (supposing she makes it) Nina's and George's

relationships will make it either.


And as to what Herrick will get up to... Yikes! Can he do anything worse then he's already done?

I do hope I'm not disappointed.

And that I will have time to breathe...


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

What did you think?! I thought it was a very Angel-esque finale (ending incomplete but with a sense of completion nonetheless).

Jane Henry said...

LOVED it haven't had time to blog yet. But George's last line, You've got a fight on your hands had me punching the air!