Wednesday, November 04, 2015

So Tomorrow, THIS is happening

This is my latest book. And one I am INCREDIBLY proud of. And also rather nervous about. The main character, Livvy jumped into my head about six books ago. All I knew was she was dead, and very pissed off. And I wanted to do a kind of Blithe Spirit story with an Angry Dead Wife. But I couldn't find my way into it for ages. And then about two years ago, when I was coming up with ideas for my editor, I suddenly thought how about stroppy dead ex wife meets A Christmas Carol, and Make a Christmas Wish was born.

This book has been a WHOLE lot of fun to write. Partly because Livvy is a bit of a cow, and I quite like writing difficult characters. (I had similar fun writing Caz in The Bridesmaid's Pact if you've read it) But also, because. Well... ghosts. And seances. And shenagigans. What's NOT to love?

But because I've also been writing this in the grip of the greatest grief I've ever personally known (I lost my beloved mum eighteen months ago) there's quite a bit of heartbreak in there. I cried when I finished writing it. I cried when I edited it. I cried the last time I read it, and apparently I have made my editor cry, and according to the reviews on Amazon a few readers too. I call that a result.

But, y'know, I'm all about life and optimism and moving forward. So, though I kind of hope this book does make you cry, because that was sort of the intention... I also hope you laugh too. Because we  never ever really come to terms with the people we lose, but they stay with us, and they love us and we love them. Even when they're not here.

And finally... This is called Make a Christmas Wish (look out for some eshorts about the characters' Christmas Wishes)... and I have a particularly personal Christmas Wish this year. Too much of my life over the last few years has been bound up with people I love succumbing to cancer. A very dear friend of ours, who is pretty much part of our family has cancer at the moment, and has been through a very vicious course of radiotherapy. He's a long way out of the woods, and we're hoping the treatment has worked, but we don't know. He often comes to us for Christmas dinner and at the moment he can't eat. So my Christmas Wish this year is very very heartfelt. I really wish Ashley can be with us on Christmas Day eating turkey. I know there are lots of calls on people's purses, but if you can spare some money to go towards the Royal Marsden who have looked after him so well, please can you support this (I gave up drinking for a month to support Ash and I'm still not smoking)

Many many thanks

Happy Christmas