Tuesday, July 10, 2007

On the hoof

I am frantically busy this week as I've just got back from the Romantic Novelist's Association Conference (amazingly to discover the house hasn't been trashed) and I have a thousand and one things that needed to be done yesterday. Also listening to the astoundingly young but immensely wise Cat Cobain (editor of Headline's Little Black Dress range) talking on Sunday about the need for writers to contain their internet habits, I recognised myself so completely in her words, I have decided her recipe of internet free days is something I really need to do. So I'm literally in and out today.

However. I wanted to just point anyone who reads this blog and is into books and blogging and the link between, to go forthwith to a new site called. www.bookarazzi.com which a group of us who hang about online have pulled together to talk about books and blogging and other stuff that interests us. You'll find reviews, news of our latest releases, stuff about the wierd way writers' brains sometimes works and lots more besides. So hope to see some of you there!

I will be back. But possibly not for a few days...


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