Thursday, July 12, 2007

You've been tagged


Darling Bec from Becandcall (who I am soooo glad to see back in bloggyland) tagged me um, a week ago to do a meme.

Somehow I have managed to hang about the internet for nearly two years and never been tagged before. I am not even at all sure I know what a meme is.

Apparently the rules are that I have to give eight random facts about myself (though quite why anyone needs/wants to know eight random facts about me I don't honestly know)... and then tag eight other people. I have to check out with these eight others whether they've done this meme before, cos I haven't a clue what's going on.

So, Bec. Thanks a bunch.

Here goes nothing....

1. I am a fifth daughter of a third daughter. Sadly that doesn't make me a witch.

2. I have no idea where my grandmother came in the family pecking order, so my chances of being a witch have just reduced further.

3. My husband is a third son of an only son. So he isn't a wizard/warlock either.

4. I really wish magic were true. (Can't you tell?).

5. I have never recovered from the disappointment of discovering that Narnia wasn't hidden in the back of my wardrobe.

6. I am looking forward to the last Harry Potter book mainly to prove to my oldest daughter that I am right and she is wrong: namely that Snape is a double agent.

7. I have yet to work out a way of whiling away the time till Dr Who returns. (Watching endless repeats will help).

8. If I can't have magic, I'll settle for David Tennant instead.

Um... so now I have to tag some people apparently.

Is this a bit like chain letters, and will all the people I tag hate me forever?

If they'll let me, I tag the following people:

Lesley Cookman
Bernardine Kennedy
Lucy Diamond
Kate Harrison
Struggling Author
Lisa Rullsenberg
Zinnia Cyclamen.

If you object, I won't mind at all....


Mad Twin said...

I'm fairly sure Grandmother T was a first daughter. No magic but rather a nice mathematical sequence don't you think?

Mad Twin

(And thank you for not tagging me - I loathe chain letters and this seems too like one!)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Don't hate you at all, particularly as I've already done it! See here:

Lesley Cookman said...

I've done it too, but I can't remember what I said...