Friday, May 09, 2008

Race for Life

For the last two years I have been taking part in a Race for Life event on the racecourse. Last year Nos 1&2 joined me, and this year, we're doing it again, with the littlies who are going to be walking with a friend.

I appreciate there are lots of calls on people's money, but if anyone perchance felt like sponsoring us, I've set up a webpage here at:

I have been a bit iffy about running of late, because the last two runs I've done with my running mum chums for last year have been terrible, but this morning I actually managed just over ten minute miles, which is quite miraculous for me, and I'm feeling better about it.

I have also decided (subject to Spouse's approval) I am finally going to pluck up courage to do a triathlon. There's one in Ardingley on 1 June, and I reckon I could manage the sprint distance now (500m swim, 24k bike and 10k run), though the swimming will be my best bit. But lots of people find the swimming tough, so it may give me a minute advantage. There's also one in Brighton I'm extremely tempted by as it's a sea swim and I love swimming in the sea. But again, I need to consult the oracle first.

It's taken me two years to crack it, but from being able to manage two lengths of crawl when I started I now regularly swim 70 on a Monday evening when I train. If I only had a bit more time I might get reasonably good for my age at it, though I'm never going to be super fast. But it has been a satisfying experience learning a new skill at my age and just goes to show - you're never to old too learn...

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