Sunday, June 29, 2008

Race for Life report

We've just come back from running Race for Life again.

This year, I ran with the big ones, while my friend's mum walked with the little ones. As it turned out no 3 ended up running with SOF and her daughter.

It was hotter then last year, and bleeding disorganised, so we didn't set off till 11.34, but...

Am very pleased to report that no 1 for the first time didn't need me to motivate her. She got round with the help of her ipod and lashings of determination. In fact she left us at the halfway point and stormed in two minutes ahead of me and no 2. Go no 1 as all my girls would say.

No 2 having been really enthusiastic last year, flaked out a bit in the heat, but she ran all but the last kilometre, and had to be bullied to the finish line. I did manage to get her to run the last bit though....

No 3 walked/jogged all of it and no 4 walked the lot.

They all did fantastically well and I am dead proud of them.

Roll of honour goes:

No 1 41 mins

Me and No 2 43 mins

No3, SOF and daughter 55 mins

No4 and friend's mum, 1hr 10 mins

Way to go girls!!!!

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