Monday, June 16, 2008

Race for Life

It's now two weeks till the girls and I do the next Race for Life. Life being what it is, though I am managing to run in the week, I've only done one run with the girls, so I fear rather more walking then running will be involved, but hey ho.

I don't want to do a hard sell on this, but... it is for charidee. And Cancer Research is an incredibly worthwhile one. I doubt that any of us have been untouched at some time or another by this dreadful disease, and the more that can be done to find a cure the better.

There are two people I think about when I do RforL, both of whom died far too young. Maybe if we can keep raising money, the people who follow on will have a better chance of survival then they did.

So... if you can spare a few pennies, the girls and I will be incredibly grateful. And if not, think of us on 29 June, and pray it isn't too hot. The first year I did it with no1 it was boiling, the event organisers ran out of water, and my friend and I were nearly demented by the end as our daughters griped the whole way round...

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