Thursday, August 07, 2008

Money money money

Normally Spouse and I are fairly well regulated as far as financial matters go. But we realised too late that all his Defence Union payments and subscriptions to various professional bodies come out of his account on 1 August. And he hasn't been paid yet.

So yesterday I went to get some money for our holiday and HM Government having cleaned out our major savings account I could only squeeze a measly £100 out of it. I managed to extract £300 from my main account and another £150 from my secondary account, but that's my lot. In order to avoid going overdrawn in my absence I've had to leave a float in both, which isn't going to be enough if we run out of euros and have to resort to the cash machine.

Luckily, mil who generously gives us holiday money anyway suddenly produced another 100 euros and then gave me some cash for my account. So I may get away without a whacking great overdraft when I get back....

But I'm still hoping that the credit crunch hasn't made it to the south of France yet....

I'm back on 25 August, but may not be blogging properly till September as I'm off visiting family after that.

Till then au revoir, auf wiedersehen, arrividerci or whatever else rocks your boat.

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