Monday, September 01, 2008

Squee! Squee!!

I am not yet quite back in the living after my hols, as I have been away again and had visitors for the last few days. But I hope normal service resumes shortly.

Just dropped by though to say Squee!!! very loudly as my advance copies of Strictly Love arrived on Saturday and it looks absolutely fantastic. I am as ever indebted to my wonderful editor and the fabulous team at Avon who have done a fantastic job. The book will be available in the shops on 18 September (two days before the next series of Strictly Come Dancing about which I hope to be blogging periodically).

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to my blogging friends Political Umpire, who was immensely helpful about the legal stuff in the book and Marie Phillips, who was brilliant on the dancing, as well as making me laugh out loud when she was blogging about SCD last year.
Amazingly second time round it feels just as exciting holding a book wot I wrote in my little sticky paws. Am hoping to do some publicity stuff here when I get my head back into gear (the kids go back on Thursday. That should help).

And I will be at some point blogging here about my holiday, and over there about (among other things) dancing in the rain and fending off dancing cows in Derbyshire.


Political Umpire said...

Cheers Jane, and of course best of luck with it. Looking forward to my signed copy :-)

Anonymous said...

Well done me dear, someone was just asking me about it today.

Will rush for my copy & hats of to your brilliant publications team for pulling off a great launch date.


Marie said...

SQUEEEEEEEE! Looks so good. And thanks for the shout x