Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Normblog writer's choice

I was very flattered and honoured to be asked by Norm to do a piece for his Writer's Choice series.

You can see it: here

Like I said in my previous post To Kill A Mocking Bird is my favourite book and always will be. For many many years if I have ever been asked if I have a life philosophy, I have always said, yes, I follow Candide's dictum that you should cultivate your garden, ie you do what you can for the people around you. I suddenly realised writing this piece I also follow one of Atticus' which is that you only truly know someone if you try and put yourself in their position and "walk around in their skin".

Is it too much to say this book changed my life? In a way I don't think so, because it really opened my eyes to the cruelty and prejudice which exists in all walks of life, but also the humanity, the courage, the optimism of people.

If there's one book you should read before you die, I'd say To Kill a Mocking Bird should be it.

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