Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And it was so damned good...

... we watched it again.








And this time around I realised, that in the heat of the action, I'd missed George punching Seth after weakening him with his star of David. Then saying, plaintively, it hurts. This is why George totally rocks. He is a wuss and a weed, and THEN he is magnificent - like when he gets Annie out of her stupor by bullying her to get up to help their friend. I loved that.

I knew he had hit someone with a chair, but it was later when they rescued Mitchell from Herrick. And what I absolutely LOVED watching this again was the way they were all so pathetic about the escape. They ran, they squealed, they panicked - even Mitchell. Spouse and I are big fans of vampire movies (quel surprise) - and normally in this kind of situation (think Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing, Welsey Snipes in Blade, Kate Beckinsale in Underworld), the heroes/heroines are cool, strong, and sexy as they fight their way out of trouble. The Being Human equivalent is three people dithering and thinking wtf do we do next. They were actually more human at that moment then in the entire series, and I think that's a great part of the appeal. We'd all like to be Andy McNab (as George so eloquently puts it), but come the real deal we'd all be gay ninjas too.

The other strand of the story, about Annie coming to terms with what Evil Owen did to her (and watching it again, I was truly struck at just how horrible he really is), was also brilliantly realised. The way he looked through her when he told Janey he couldn't see anything, and as she told George later, killed her all over again, was a brilliant take on the imbalance in a relationship where one person has too much power. Ultimately it makes you a monster, and Owen is far more of a monster then George and Mitchell are. I really like all that - like I say Being Human has a lot of fun playing with expectations and subverting them. Having been a little unsure at first about Lenora Critchlow's interpretation of Annie, I thought she was spot on in this episode - the way she crumpled under Owen's withering stare was wonderful. I felt her pain, and her subsequent triumph when she finally realised she could stand up to him, and though I am now really really worried that Owen is going to meet Herrick in the police station, I thought the gibbering insanity to which he was reduced was a fine and vengeful punishment.

Finally, before I bore the pants off any non BH watchers out there, anyone any thoughts about what Annie actually whispered to Owen? I seem to vaguely remember from the pilot Annie and Mitchell having a conversation about death being much worse then people imagine, and she was pretty adamant that George shouldn't look through the door. Mind you, Gilbert seemed quite cheerful about going through his, so whatever's on the other side, I'm sure I'm not going to be able to work it out. Though, naturally, I have my theories, which are either a) Annie is going to go through and still not be dead somehow b) she'll defer death a while to help Mitchell (or his need for her will keep her tied to the real world - I think they're falling in love don't you?) or c)the fact that it says 1 High Street above the door is deeply significant and she'll take them into a safe haven or something. (Mind you, I don't think they should be flat sharing anywhere other then that flat - in 20 years time I predict it will have cult status and people will be falling over themselves to buy it like they have been the Withnail house...)

I promised Marie a post about music and how I use it in the creative process, and it has struck me watching Being Human that the makers of the programme do exactly what I would want to do with music if I were making tv programmes and not writing books, so I will be talking about music, and if you can stand it, Being Human once more... but now I really do need to go and some work.

That is all.

Except, that I really really really love George.

And Toby Whitehouse utterly rocks.


Marie said...

What you said. Totally.

Ellie said...

I watched it on iPlayer this morning when I was eating my breakfast, and had to brush the crumbs from my keyboard several times after unexpectedly laughing far too hard.

I loved the policeman when Owen handed himself in - 'In that case... we'll need a different form.' Brilliant!

Kate said...

New series!!


Jane Henry said...

Looking forward to your review Marie!

Ellie hallo - nice to see you here. Yes I loved that line about the form. And it was particularly pleasing to see Owen reduced to a gibbering wreck when he had been so cruel to Annie before.

Kate, yay, yay, and double yay!! Couldn't believe they WOULDN'T do series 2, but brill that it's confirmed.