Monday, February 02, 2009

White Out

So we've had about 12 inches of snow overnight, the car is stuck in the driveway (first time ever) we can't see the conservatory roof, the snow drifted up to the front step (also a first), the animals are snowed in (at least they're insulated), and naturally... the kids are all off school. Becasue there haven't been enough reasons to keep them at home so far this year, have there?

Actually to be honest, I'm not surprised about school closures, as there are no trains running and even the M25 has several inches of snow, so all the roads round here are completely stuffed. I don't think I can recall my whole life having snow like this, so I'm quite glad the kids are going to experience it. They're all off out in the garden now, and we're planning to make an igloo later. For once we might even have enough snow to make a decent snow man. (I appreciate, Persephone by your standards this is nothing, but we Brits never get it like this in the south east)

No 3 is distraught though as she was supposed to be going on a school trip, now cancelled, and has just informed me she banged the conservatory door shut, and a whole load of snow landed on her head. I sense this could be a very long, wet and cold day...

Oh and Spouse has just rung. He walked into work. And he's the only one there. No staff, no patients, so maybe he'll get to join us for some snow fun later...

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