Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ok Can't resist.

Here are all the songs I mentioned. Enjoy...

Starting with Billy and White Wedding. Couldn't find the original, but the guitar on this is fab.

And here's a very old version of the Damned. A bit crackly but how I love that gothic camp!

Simple Minds doing a live version of Don't You Forget About Me

Pet Shop Boys also live doing Always on my Mind

Wire to Wire. You can have it again. I'm generous like that.

You Know I'm no Good. Amy Winehouse. Writes perfect how to fuck your life up songs.

One I forgot - also for Caz, Oh Daddy By Fleetwood Mac. God I love this song.

Go Your Own Way. Ultimate break up song. Enough said.

Gold Dirt Woman. Rumours was the best album ever. Discuss.

Songbird. See what I mean. And I haven't even included The Chain.

Man with the Child in his Eyes. Never sure about nutty old Kate Bush. But I do love this, and I don't know why.

Pure. Pure and simple all the time. Cos it just is.

And finally Hurt because it is so goddamned brilliant.

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Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I've watched the video for Hurt so many times I think I could describe the video without watching ... just a breathtaking song. And I sooooo love Pure... there's a moment when he catches his breath in it and it just sinks me everytime.

I really should do video links more often...