Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Room of Her Own

My lovely twin sister who often comments here as Mad Twin, has just started a blog of her own:
here. She's very kindly plugged me in one of her first posts, but you know all about me. So scroll own down to read Midwinter, a sample of her terrific writing. Also a brilliant evocation of our joint childhood. She neglected to mention, though, that after the party with the lion posters one of us was sick on the other one's head. Neither of us can remember which. We have a collective twinly memory where sometimes memories are held jointly between us and neither of us can lay claim to them. Yes. I know that's weird.

What's interesting though, is that though we certainly share stylistic tics with our writing, we also write about different things/in different genres/and respond differently to the same genetic memory. So we aren't, as our oldest brother always used to tell us, one person really. Very much two. Just came out of the same egg. Coincidentally, today.

So happy birthday Twin, and happy blogging too.


Persephone said...

Goodness, if it's your twin's birthday, why, it must be...

(Sorry this is late; we just moved into our house-sit in Victoria today and the ergonomic keyboard is driving me crazy...)

Many happy returns!

Anonymous said...

You are too kind. And happy birthday too (a day late in cyberspace at least we spoke in real time). Funnily enough I nearly posted my egg poem that comes to the same conclusion, but I opted for the other one. Thereby demonstrating alike, but slightly different.


pierre l said...

A delayed happy birthday to the two of you. The main difficulty with this post is that I followed the link to your twin's blog and forgot to come back. I had a shuffle of my TBR pile this morning and found your book with its beautiful cover -- it is very near the top of the queue now.