Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Human squee!!

AGAIN, I find myself without sufficient time to blog about Being Human in all its immense glory.
And I really thought last night's episode was a cracker. Totally different from last week's action packed, on the edge of your seat thriller, it was much more subtle, nuanced, and nastily brilliant.

What I will say,








Nina, This is my Uncle Billy.

Genius. I LOVE the way Nina thinks on her feet.

George, turning back into the gibbering wreck of series 1, though possibly gibbering a bit more then that. I LOVE you George. But we all know that...

Mitchell, having to choose between what is necessary and his friendship with George.

I CHOOSE YOU. What a fab fab moment.

Herrick, What are you Little Lady.
Annie: On to you...

Sent shivers up my spine. Annie is great when she gets tough. They don't let her often enough. They ought too.

Hats off to to Ruth from Spooks turning up as a stressed and overworked psychiatric nurse. She was BRILLIANT. I don't know if she's going to be in it again -BH has a great tradition of twisting people, so she may not be all she seems, but if she was playing it straight, oh lordy, lord, wasn't Nina's response to her CRUEL. Again, I love that about BH, they have to behave monstrously to keep their secret - or to do what is necessary as Mitchell puts it.

IS Mitchell going to be killed by Nina? My money is on it, except that.... Maybe George will do it if he feels his family is threatened enough. Hmmm.... Or maybe it will be McNair after all.

And what IS Herrick up to? Does he really not remember? And is his evil innate or learnt?? Because if he DOESN'T remember he's still being the manipulative charming devilish character we remember from series 1.

LOVED LOVED LOVED what they did with Herrick. Looking forward to seeing more of him....

Oh I seem to have posted quite a lot more then I meant to, but it was sooooo good. And scary, and dark, and nasty, and still managed to be a bit funny in between.

Hats off to Toby Whithouse, this series he's got me even more hooked then ever...


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

It was BRILLIANT! I missed it first off - Dougie came first :) and then the dratted catch up TV didn't work so have ONLY just finished the last 5 mins on iPlayer.

WOAH!!! brilliantly dark and yes, loved what they've done with Herrick

Anonymous said...

My money is on Mitchell asking George to kill him, FWIW...

Jane Henry said...

Glad you liked it as much as I did, Lisa.

Stu-n OH YES!!! Hadn't thought of that. And the fact that Mitchell thinks it's Nina probably means it isn't...

Really loving this series, back to series 1 levels. Loved series 2 but not as much...