Saturday, May 27, 2006

Running on Empty update

So, this week I have finally got a copy of the book in my sticky paw - yay! Of course there were a few errors - mainly minor, but I did spot one typo, so I corrected them and had to upload the file on Tuesday. I erroneously thought this would generate a new proof by today, and I would then be able to press the green for go button.

However, nothing is ever straightforward and I discovered yesterday that though a new proof has been generated, till the people in the US pass it, I can do nowt. This in itself wouldn't be problematic, I have ten days to go till my official launch date. The only trouble is I'm off to Germany in the morning (Two grannies, four children, one husband, a hire truck - no dog - you couldn't make it up. I feel another book coming on...) and am going to find it tricky to sort out. As a failsafe I have ordered 200 copies to go to my friend's house, but I'm also taking my laptop with me and hoping I can sort out an internet connection in the hotel we're staying in. If not, I'm in big trouble. As we're staying out in the Deusch equivalent of Hicksville, and I have fond memories (not) of having to sterilise baby's bottles with camping sterilising tablets and buying Baby Wasser (sterilised water) because a) we forgot the adaptor for the steriliser and b) the hotel room lacked a kettle, I don't hold out much hope for this enterprise. Presumably even Hicksville has internet cafes, though...

So fingers crossed I will be able to pass the proof next week, and then the book will be ready to order from Amazon. But if you can bear to wait, join me for my online launch party which takes place from 8-15 June at: - and if you buy a copy I'll sign it and give you a discount....

So anyone out there in cyberspace, pass the word on and tell all your running buddies...

Hope to see some of you there!

PS Was going to blog about the sad demise of our hamster (alas Georgie is no more), but have run out of time. Suffice to say sprogs distinctly unsaddened by his departure (I was slightly less saddened then I would have been, given that his latter days were punctuated by a tendency to bite Spouse and I when we tried to give him antibiotics), and we buried him in the garden in the pouring rain. Spouse donned a top hat and tails for the occasion, the children all drew him pictures and made him a coffin out of a shoe box, and we stood solemnly (or not in my case as I had to repress a severe fit of giggles) as the children all threw earth on his grave, and then stamped on it. So now we are petless - at least till the autumn, Spouse wisely suggesting we wait for a new pet till after the summer holidays - and I get let of cage duties for a bit. And no, we're still not getting a dog....

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