Friday, June 22, 2007

And now for something completely different...

On July 1 I will be taking part in The Race for Life. This year nos 1&2 are accompanying me, and I am hoping that they will both run a bit more then no 1 did last year...

I have also teamed up with some other mums who are running in it too, and we have a webpage at JustGiving

I promised I would publicise it.

I appreciate there are lots of demands on people's purses all the time, and I am crap at asking for money, so this is not a hard sell. I am going to donate the amount I promised them anyway.

As many of us have, though, I have lost people to this dreadful disease, and I shall be thinking of two of them on the day.

Apart from anything else, it is an intensely moving experience seeing the names on peoples' backs and the runners taking part who are also ill.

And I'm really looking forward to doing it with the girls. No 1 was really pleased with her achievement in finishing last year, and I think it's great for them to have the opportunity to take part in something like this.

Am taking a bit of a break from blogging otherwise, as I am waaaaay behind on everything, but thanks to everyone who has passed on nice comments about the posts I've done about my dad. There may yet be more to come.

But not just yet...

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Kate.Kingsley said...

Best of luck with the Race for Life ~ RFL was my introduction to running, and I've done it every year since,

Best wishes
Kate K