Saturday, June 16, 2007

Star Man

The real poet in the family is my big sis... but this refused to come out any other way.

Look. There' s Cassiopeia.
And there. See. Orion's Belt.
I am six, maybe seven.
My father takes my hand and shows me the stars.
There's Ursa Minor.
And see. There. Ursa Major.

Can you see

Later in Greece, the lights go out,
In a cafe by the sea.
The Milky Way flares into view.
Vast and impenetrable in a dark bay.
Is this what he saw, long ago,
On a boat in the Atlantic?

Can you see

After he's gone,
In a valley in Spain
I watch Mars glower large in a clear night sky.
I take my daughter's hand and show her the stars.
Look. There's Cassiopeia.
And there. The Pole Star.

Can you see

Always and forever.
When I look at the stars.
I see you.

My clever poetic big sis will be reading one of her poems at Jodrell Bank tomorrowas winner of the Times Moonbounce Competition. She is so clever. And he would have been so proud.
To follow her progress tomorrow you can go to:

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