Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mums on the Run

Wind in my face, sun on my back. Running up to the downs and round the race track on sunny mornings - this is what makes me run.

Today I had a great run with my school run chums. As I mentioned in my last post, we're taking part in Race for Life on Sunday. For the past couple of months some of us have been meeting up regularly to go running. I still regard myself as a bit of a novice when it comes to running - I've been at it three years and I am still slow, slow, slow.... But apart from one other super fast runner, I seem to know more about it then the others - which isn't saying much, but hey, who cares. For once I haven't been at the back of the pack, where by rights I belong. And on occasion I have even come in first (mainly when superfast mum isn't running).

Today, though, today was great. We ran 4.4 miles and thanks to SFM setting a blistering pace, we all posted pretty good times. I found myself struggling to keep up with them at times, and hats off to the mum who's organised us all, for being the best improver of the lot of us.

So in honour of our run. And to inspire everyone for Sunday, I thought I'd post a roll of honour here...

Coming in at no 1 is Super Fast Mum in a staggering 42 mins (9.5 min miles)

At no 2 we have the Fastest Teacher on the block with 43 mins (9.7 min miles)

In third place (just) is your very own Maniac Mum with 45.30 on the clock (10.29 min miles)

At no 4 we have our Best Improver at 46.30 (10.52 min miles)

In fifth place is Super Sprinter who raced in at 49.20 (11.18 min miles)

And last but definitely not least is Running Girl at 49.49 (11.24 min miles).

Congratulations one and all, and hope we all post PBs on Sunday (I won't actually, unless the children really really surprise me....)

And thanks to you all for the inspiration, and reminding me just why it is I love to run...



liz fenwick said...

Great stuff....I hate running but can see how it could bring so much to your life :-)

Mad Twin said...

Well done y'all and especially Jane. You should do that 10K in about 65 mins on this performance. But you have loads of time to improve so should I be getting worried you're about to catch me up? (Not that I'm that competitive or anything)

Mad Twin

Mad Twin said...

I meant of course the 10K in September. You should also do the RFL quite fast if your girls let you. Hope you have fun on Sunday!

Quink said...

Impressive. Very impressive. Last time I tried to run for a bus I realised that I'd forgotten how to. Seriously. Long walks for me until I'm back in trim...

Anonymous said...

I too am a mumontherun, and I love love love it, .the thrill of .running
out of the front door is great