Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack O'Bama

Given that tomorrow is going to be a day that for once really deserve the title "historic", I couldn't resist reposting the Barack Obama is Irish song, as it made me laugh so much. (Sorry Lisa, you've probably only just got the tune out of your head.)

I really hope that Barack doesn't turn out to be all blarney and hot air. At least he is sensibly not rushing into change things too quickly, and recognising he has one hell of a job on his hands. Maybe, just maybe America and the world have got the president we need for the times we live in. Wouldn't it be just wonderful for once to have a world leader we could all say in ten years time was truly great? I'm not sure that that's ever happened in my lifetime, and I'm such a cynic I'm not sure it's going to happen now.

But... for once. I'd like to be idealistic, and am crossing my fingers and hoping that he truly can effect change. (And sort out the credit crunch to boot...)

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Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Grr - you're right I HAD only just got out out my head.

Nicest thing I heard today was a young single mum in Washington being asked on R4 (PM with Eddie Mair) what would happen if Obama didn't live up to the promises in four years time.

She said that 'he hadn't said "yes I can" but rather 'yes WE can' and that everyone had a responsibility to play their part in making it work'. I just thought 'wow'. If only we could hope for the DC punditry to think in a similarly hopeful and pragmatic fashion...