Monday, January 05, 2009

New Dr Who

So we have a new Doctor Who. And he seems to have been a surprise (I missed the last minute rumours at the weekend.) After months of speculation, I have to fess up to being quite pleased they managed to keep it quiet for so long, particularly after it looked 99.999% certain it was going to be Paterson Joseph.

As to who Matt Smith is, and whether he's too young etc, well let's wait and see. I glimpsed him briefly in Party Animals and Ruby in the Smoke and liked him in both. He has a rather alien looking face which works. And given that I knew very little of David Tennant when he started I'm open to the possibility that he might just blow my mind (or not). I quite like the fact that he is an unknown, because in a recent Dr Who Confidential I saw, DT made the rather valid point that Dr Who is a blank canvas for each new actor. An unknown one can therefore bring something new and different, in a way that some of the more famous names being thrown into the ring might have had difficulty with. I've also just caught up with his interview on Dr Who Confidential and I rather like what I see. (The only thing is he is sooo young I'm going to start feeling pervy if I lech after him, so it might be time to turn my Dr Who lovin' into a more maternal kind).

As far as the children are concerned they're delighted it isn't David Morrissey who they thought was far too pompous. While I enjoyed DM's stint in the Christmas edition, and was rather hoping that we'd been double bluffed and it WAS him, I think I prefer this solution. And I'm really pleased to have been surprised. So fingers crossed that the new era of Nu Who is as much fun as the previous one...


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I'm hoping that I WON'T feel any ongoing lust for the Doctor (since that always felt a bit off anyway and was basically because I was already head over heels for DT when he got the part). Still, Matt does have the kind of hair that can make my head spin and a certain alien quality that could make the role work for him. I have mini reservations - mostly reflecting Stu_N's remarks of MS being twenty *%$@ing six which does seem terribly young!

Jane Henry said...

I know 26 IS very young, but I have sympathy with him on this point as I was 26 when I was made an editor and had to endure lots of You're too young for this role comments until I hit the magical 30 barrier, and then I came back after having a baby and suddenly I was too old/uncommitted.... So you can never win. I think he has a very alien kind of face, but will turn my devotion into a maternal, aah he needs looking after type!
(And aren't we all just secretly jealous cos we WANT to be 26 again???)